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Decorating is also for men!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Artwork for men in nice decors

It's a common misconception that decorating is a woman's business. And yet, men often get involved. Whether it's to validate the lady's choice or even to decorate his office, man cave or garage.


We've come a long way from the days when this was a purely feminine matter - quite the opposite, in fact. Today, almost everything is a couple's decision, and men are more sensitive to their environment than at one time.


I'm thinking, for example, of a well-known radio host here in Quebec who used to talk on the air about his struggles to find the perfect artwork for his new condo. I'm also thinking of my boyfriend, who was delighted to give me my very first reproduction for my office. He was proud of my choice, proud to give me this gift representative of Action Déco's success and my passion. Every time he looks at it, I can see that he appreciates its detail and finesse.


I'm also thinking of a customer who immortalized his car on white aluminum. This way, he always has it close to him, in his office, even when he's not on a racetrack.


A reproduction chosen by or for a man doesn't necessarily have to be an image of a vehicle. The works shown in the images are perfect examples of reproductions that can be very well suited to a man. 3 very different styles, 3 inviting settings. Although field hockey is more cliché, it's still a popular choice, and why not this handsome abstract with its clean lines and softly accentuated colors, without being bright and overly feminine, or this modern, urban photograph that could find a home in a house, office or meeting room?


My favorite artists who might please you gentlemen:


The works featured in the images are


So, is decoration for men too?


Christiane planting trees and selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰

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