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Beauty and goodness in every transaction

Interior and exterior decoration, wall art, reproductions
Entortillé décor 2
Google _ Action Déco art mural _ Abondance _ Anne Savard _ décor 1
En route _ Marie-Hélène Paradis _ Décor 2
Illusion de la lande _ Isabelle Gosselin _ Décor 1
Modern_living_room_with_large_colorful_rug (3)
Zébrures _ Lou Auvray _ Décor 3


The beauty of wall art for a unique decoration!

Latest reproductions of artwork by our Quebec and European artists

Action Déco makes THE difference
Turn on the video sound!

Our social commitments

1 reproduction purchased

1 tree planted even more

Action Déco plants 2 trees per print sold

1 reproduction purchased

royalties to the artist

Action Déco gives its artists a royalty on each sale.

Decorate your living space
with chic and affordable paintings

Decoration lovers, treat yourself!

Action Deco offers you the possibility of changing your interior decoration,  but also of  outdoor decoration as you see fit thanks to its large renewed choice of reproductions of paintings.


We offer you original and innovative supports that integrate perfectly into any living space with a wide variety of formats. 

Innovative because it is different from reproductions on canvas, conventionally used in printing. The acrylic or white aluminum supports highlight the painting differently while respecting the original colors and the work of the artist.

Gloss finish acrylic backing
Action Déco mural _ Acrylic print
Aluminum support with satin finish
Action Déco mural _ Print on white aluminium

Talented artists to discover without moderation!

The artists regularly offer you new reproduction works on Action Déco according to their creativity and their inspiration of the moment.

Do you like the artist?

Well, you can stay in touch with him and even offer yourself his original works on canvas, his derivative products or other supports.

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