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I'm patting myself on the back

Action Déco, it is also reproductions in very limited and exclusive editions.

And this, thanks to my artist photographer Daniel Castonguay, who promoted me to the rank of art broker, no less. The expression I'm patting myself on the back is perfectly appropriate here.

To each his own

In fact, seeing my ease with the formalities of online sales and customer service, he offered to take care of the people who come to him, outside of Action Déco. As he likes to tell me, he is an image maker, not a transaction maker. Since I have this talent for interacting with the people and like to offer alternatives within an established framework, I gladly accepted.

He talks to me about pixels, resolution and image definition as if he was born with these words in his mouth. As for me, I am familiar with the sales aspect and having already a solid structure with Action Déco, it is easy for me to export and adapt it as needed.

Sparkling cooperation

Thus, a new collaboration was born, from two totally complementary sparks that will feed off each other's weaknesses. This pooling of our respective talents is additional to what I already do for my artists and reproducible for those who wish it. It is also an additional offer for Action Déco's clientele while being an adapted customer service for Daniel.

This is how I started my 2023 year, by accepting this new cooperation wholeheartedly and by making a great presentation document. We worked hand in hand to choose the materials, the right words, the visuals, the number of editions, all the details. I enjoyed every step with Daniel, I learned a lot of technicalities about photography, he also learned from me, I hope.

Distinction in your living room

The result of our work is even more limited editions, still on acrylic and white aluminum, but also on canvas and art paper, all with the best pigments and the best quality on the market. Since the editions do not exceed 9 copies per print medium, that they are signed by the artist and not by me, that Daniel will even travel to sign the prints on canvas and paper, it goes without saying that the price range varies, adapting to a clientele that seeks this type of product.

Once again, my career allows me to be creative and work closely with another of my artists. We are pleased to present the Distinction Series, offered on his Action Déco profile.

You choose the work of Daniel that you like, I guide you to the medium and edition that suits you. And the best part is that it's an open door to Daniel Castonguay's entire collection, which goes beyond the 5 works selected on Action Déco.

Flexibility and adaptability, all for your happiness and that of my artists.

Christiane planting 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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