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Our reproduction media

We offer two types of brackets acrylic with glossy finish and white aluminum with satin finish for the interior or exterior decoration of your house or your condo, your store, your office.

The supports offered on the site are weatherproof and allow you to decorate your outdoor environment such as your terrace, your patio, your balcony or a facade of your exterior wall.

All tables  include a simple and solid hanging system.





Acrylic (plexiglass) surprises by giving the works bright and shiny colors with a depth effect to offer you a contemporary style. An assured masterpiece that will give a bright, lacquered and modern touch to your environment.  

The chosen work is printed directly on this transparent material similar to glass, more robust and light.  

You can also transform your work into an erasable board by inscribing your inspiration of the moment or positive quote of the day using liquid chalk. 

Reproduction of painting on white aluminium


If you're looking for a touch of sophistication to enhance your spaces, this alloy is your ideal partner.

Imagine works of art that captivate and dazzle, thanks to their aluminum support. Its smooth, satin-finish surface provides the perfect support for highlighting every nuance of your favorite piece.

Whether you opt for a contemporary or classic style, white aluminum is a timeless choice that will suit any decor. Its discreet elegance will appeal to connoisseurs, while also catching the eye of even the most novice.

alu blanc

Other supports proposed on estimate



Sublimated metal is the perfect choice for unrivaled color brilliance which is injected into the coating here, providing permanent high color protection.  definition.   

panel printing  ChromaLuxe  is the ideal choice for professional image reproduction and lends itself well to illustrations and photography.  

With this modern finish of  superior archival quality, your reproduction will provide you with deep, vibrant colors that will surely  to give  your interior or workspace a very trendy design look. 



The brushed aluminum gives an industrial appearance to the work where the whites will not be printed, thus letting the brushed lines of the support appear.


This type of printing is suitable for works with duller colors whose contrast with the support will give you a unique and vibrant work.

Aluminum also lends itself well to outdoor environments, so why not take advantage of it to enhance your terrace?  




Wood is without a doubt the warmest support that adapts to both modern and more traditional environments.  

The natural beauty of this noble material resists scratches and provides image quality that will last over time.  Opting for light images will preserve all the richness of the grain and texture of the wood since the white and very light areas will appear transparent unlike a darker image.  

As each piece of wood is unique, each reproduction is unique, with its own grain, its grain, its texture. 

Each 3/8 inch (9mm) panel is made from Russian Cherry, a hardwood, is durable, sturdy and adds character to the work and its living space.  

Not weather resistant.

Système d'accrochage des reproductions de tableaux chez Action Déco

Hanging system

Each print is ready to hang since it comes with a 3/4 inch floating frame on the back.

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