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Refined reproductions on unusual supports

Action Déco offers you refined art reproductions on unusual supports

Change and questioning

Last year's rebranding also involved me questioning the terminology surrounding my products and who I am as a person and business owner. This led to a number of appealing slogans that I now use on my website, in my publications and in my own name. It's a great honour when I'm introduced as Christiane who plants trees, a sign of the recognition of my work, which means a lot to me.

In this way, I've put into practice what I teach the artists I coach: to proclaim loud and clear who I am and what I do. To achieve this, I had to have a clear mission from which all the messages I now advocate flowed, including my slogan Multiplying art and life.

What Google has to say

When I look on Google and read that Action Déco specializes in mural art and offers you refined reproductions on unusual supports, I'm not a little proud. A cat's a cat, so why should my reproductions be any different?

What I'm offering you

So that's what I offer you. Handpicked works of art and their artists, printed on acrylic or white aluminum, to enhance your decor in a unique and original way. Combine the two and you have an exclusive product that also stands out for its limited, certified editions.

This terminology, the messages I convey, are the culmination (or development, who knows) of work I've done on myself and which is now reflected in the company. Nothing comes from a super advertising agency, everything is born from my heart, my being, my essence and pearls from friends who know me well.

What can I do for you?

Would you like to add a refined and unique touch to your decor? Discover our carefully selected art reproductions. Acrylic will surprise you with its glossy effect and lightness, while white aluminum offers richness and a satin finish. Explore our collection today and transform your space with exclusive works that aren't found on every street corner.

Christiane planting 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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