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Are you a classical or modern type?

Action Déco offers 2 types of reproduction media to suit modern and classic styles

Are you loyal to your possessions, brands or do you like current trends, changing your furniture regularly, testing new flavors?


The answer to this question is often spontaneous and is reflected in most areas of our lives. Whether it's in our decoration, clothing, music choices, cars, food. This same answer will also guide your choice of reproduction medium. The classic type will have a preference for white aluminum with a soft and satin finish, the modern type will see his heart leaning towards acrylic with a glossy finish.


Personally, I am a very classic type. I've been a Volvo loyalist since my very first one, I wear quality clothes that last (I have sweaters that are over 20 years old and have been worn for as many years), my washer is not smart, my cell phone is only for calls, I don't use it for work, my furniture always stays in place, except when cleaning, ferrets or lost cat toys require it to move.


Because of this, I am in love with white aluminum, whose soft, satin finish, without glare, adds softness, tranquility and comfort to my decor. Take a look at the large piece that accompanies me in my office, whose timelessness will follow me all my life. It is also very dear to my heart since it was given to me by my love biped to mark the beginning of the long desired life of Action Déco.


On the other hand, acrylic, with its glossy finish, is a good match for those who like new things and change. Its glossy, light-reflecting finish adds a youthful glow to any living space. The fact that the image is printed on the underside of the substrate, gives an undeniable depth effect in which it is easy to get enchanted. It is also a perfect support to illuminate darker places like an entrance or a passage.


The 2 photos you see were taken without artifice, in the softness of my office. You can see, to my eye at least, the difference in finish.

Which reproduction medium corresponds the most to your personality?


Action Déco, your wall decoration, your emotion and greenery in profusion

1 tree in the world with our printer / 1 tree in the Eastern Townships with the Fondation SÉTHY


Sunshine in the winter - Val Escoubet

From 138,00C$

La douceur de L'écrin - Paméla Pinard


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