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Soak up nature

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When spring arrives, with its promise of warmth and sunshine, do you take the time to observe nature as it awakens? Or do you wake up one morning to find that buds have already given way to mature leaves and wildflowers are everywhere? Soaking up nature was the greatest gift I ever gave myself.

Stopping time

For the first time this year, I took the time to look and observe on a daily basis. The trees, the wild plants in my yard (there's no lawn here, the animals are my landscapers); the slow unfurling of ferns, the conifers adorned with the year's growth, those candles so soft to the touch.

For a person who is a firm believer in the importance of protecting trees and reforesting the planet as a whole, I'd never stopped to take a close look at the awakening of trees the way I did this year. Although this period was short-lived, I appreciated this closeness to the nature that surrounds me, these moments truly in the presence of the essential. I reconnected with the very essence of nature, its strength, its perpetual annual renewal.

I felt as if I were witnessing the birth of a season, feeling the full force and power of the nature that surrounds us and that we abuse with chainsaws, lawnmowers and pesticides. In my mind, I've accumulated a multitude of clichés on a daily basis. In my head, I see this annual rebirth over and over again, like those films of a plant's growth in fast motion.

Capturing magical moments

I've captured in my olfactory memory the scents of bark, humus and new flowers that I'd like to see last all year long. I captured in my visual memory every plant birth, from seedling to bud. Baby leaves that dotted the treetops until they once again hid from the neighbors and turned the sky green.

I savored the air's caresses on my skin, sometimes cool, sometimes heavy and warm, sometimes sharp and pungent, as only our Quebec spring knows how to do. My ears are full of the songs of birds and amphibians, delighted as they are by this renewed abundance.

Being present

I've come to understand the difference between enjoying the moment and being present. When the two are combined, time seems to stand still. There's no space for worries, no room for preoccupation, because all the senses are busy savouring what's happening here and now.

I'm going to make this moment of presence a habit. It's energy put in the right place to better carry out my mission to reforest the planet, to welcome opportunities to do so, and to continue to be the voice of trees. These multi-disciplinary beings, which offer shelter, resources, oxygen, protection and love, need people like you and me to counter the ravages wrought by other humans who destroy them for their comfort or their wallets.

Plant 4 trees

All these sweet sensations make my reforestation fiber vibrate even more strongly, so much so that I'm offering to plant 4 trees instead of 2, to any buyer of a certified and limited reproduction, following the reading of this article. All you have to do is contact me at following your purchase or to have me assist you during your transaction, and you'll receive your contribution certificate attesting that you've planted 4 trees.

What more could you ask for?

Curious about the work shown? It's Illusion d'hiver by Isabelle Gosselin, which lends itself very well to printing on white aluminum.

Christiane planting 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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