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Mural art: more than just decoration

Wall art, octopus on a flower, Anne Savard, Action Déco

Have you ever wondered what your home decor says about you?

Is it the result of cheap department store finds, simply pretty and fashionable, or does it carry a deeper meaning?

For my part, I steer clear of ephemeral trends. I prefer my decor to be a faithful mirror of my identity, a reflection of my essence. Every object around me has a story, a unique meaning. Whether it's a trinket given with love or a batik brought back from my travels, each piece is a piece of my life, of my memories.

The mural art I choose, in particular, connects me to deep-rooted values and my


Take Anne Savard's Guet-Apens, pictured here, a work of great importance to me, for several reasons:

Yellow, a symbol of teaching

Yellow, the dominant color of this work, embodies teaching, a common thread throughout my life. I've taught in a variety of fields, from Pilates to nutritional rehabilitation, to entrepreneurship for artists. This passion for sharing and passing on naturally gave birth to Action Déco.

A tribute to grandma

My grandmother was a schoolteacher by vocation. She hoped I would follow in her footsteps, and although I didn't take the classical route, I hope she can see from up there that I've always taught in my own way, and now I guide people through art and decoration.

The originality of the subject

This work features an octopus with tentacles transformed into echinacea petals. A perfect fusion of animal and vegetable, it resonates deeply with me as an animal and nature lover. This originality enchants me every time I contemplate it.

A strong bond with the artist, Anne Savard

My attachment to Anne Savard, the artist behind this piece, adds a personal dimension to the work. Her unwavering support since my first gallery, La Salle de Montre, has inspired me and continues to fuel my business with her positive energy.

At Action Déco, the selection of our artists is guided by these same principles. Their works are not mere decorations; they tell stories, convey emotions, and enrich living spaces in unique ways.

Is your home decoration just as distinctive?

Discover our collections and bring a touch of authenticity to your home. Click here to explore our works and find the one that will tell your story!

Christiane planting 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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