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It is not Monet but ....

Updated: May 17, 2023

Action Déco reproduction Mural Art, better than Monet. Find out why in our blog post.

... it's better. Yes, it's better!

But what is better than Monet? A reproduction of an artist from here or abroad, a representation of his work. And why? For many reasons!!!! Because the work of our artists is unique, different. Because their work reflects our time, the one we can identify with here and now. Because the images they offer us are imbued with their own energy, their own experience, which we can easily relate to.

What Monet does is superb, I won't say otherwise. If not, his work would not have survived and he would be unknown to us today. However, his main works are so diffused in different media that they go unnoticed. They become commonplace in a way.

You will agree that buying art nowadays, it is yes by favorite, but also to mark our difference, our uniqueness. A work of art speaks to us, makes something vibrate in us. It awakens a sweet emotion, a particular memory, accompanies us in our daily life for an often very precise reason.

The great painters of this world, such as Monet, have traced the path and inspiration of our artists to us. Those we see on social networks, in shopping malls. Since the pandemic, buying local has almost become the norm, mainly in our grocery baskets and also for handicrafts, from home decor to skin products.

You may have noticed that we also have a huge local talent among our painters and photographers? They're not as well known as Monet, of course, which is why Action Déco gives them a showcase and strives to put them in the spotlight for you to see. Of course, we also have European artists in our gallery. They are so close to our hearts - we know them all personally - that to us they are our local neighbors.

I can't claim to know Monet, no. I could read his biography, books about his life. It will never be the same as telling you about each of our artists with whom we have conversations, real exchanges, sharing of emotions.

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