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Look at the past to better relativize ...

Look at the past to better relativize ...
A very positive reality

Look at the past to better relativize ...

... or when appearances are really deceiving.

I'm not the kind of person who looks back, the past is the past, you can't change it. However, it is possible to look at it with a magnifying glass in order to better relativize certain things and even to comfort oneself.

Let me explain.

I had the idea of Action Déco at the end of November 2020, this little spark that has now become a growing bonfire, a seed bearing a fruit tree whose harvest is most promising. As a result, I have always had the impression that the company has existed concretely and totally since the very beginning of this ideation, hours of work, writing, brainstorming, calls, to support it.

For me, who lives in a world of unicorns and cats, until recently, I had the impression of not having brought my company to the desired level, that is to say international, with employees, no less. Yes, I live in a world of unicorns, don't forget that.

Fortunately, my great partner Brigitte is more down to earth and rational than I am. When I suggested that we take stock of our 1st year of existence, we realized that we had fabulous results, yeah!!!

In fact, as of December 31, out of 1 year of life, Action Deco has only had 5 months of real activity, the beginning of the year having been the construction of the business. Resultsssss:

  •  41 sales (so 41 trees planted, yeah!)

  •  a solid community of artists that is tightly knit

  •  better visibility thanks to the advice of Stéphanie Méthée, a great coach we met in the fall

  •  250 subscribers to the newsletter

  •  435 members on our Facebook group

Thank you to our December balance sheet which makes me see things differently and to Brigitte who knows how to bring me back to reality with tact.

p.s. my son Sika says hello 

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