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Turning art into a forest

Reproduction on acrylic by Christian Bibeau _ Action Déco art mural


A friend recently asked me how I convert paintings into trees. His precise question was: how do you "trade" paint and tree? I smiled at his perfectly legitimate questioning, who only saw a short description of my LinkedIn profile. He inspired me to write this article, Turning art into a forest.

Room for discussion

It's true that when I introduce myself as Christiane who plants trees and say I sell certified, limited reproductions, I see eyebrows raised and questioning eyes in the people I interact with. I love these puzzled looks that open the door for me to explain my business concept and its strong mission to plan to reforest the planet, no less.

I then talk with pride about the originality of my reproduction media, acrylic and white aluminum. I talk about the human side of my business, both in terms of each of my artists, who have a special place in my heart, and the fact that I take great pleasure in assisting my customers in their shopping so that they can find the work that suits them perfectly.

Notes of music

When I talk about my company, I feel as if my words are flying off the tongue like musical notes, so passionate am I about every aspect of it. Whether it's the royalties paid to the artists, the certificates of authenticity, the 2 trees planted per purchase and so much more. It's true, I'm very proud of my business model. It's not the first time I've mentioned it, and I don't hide it.


However, I'd like to emphasize that Action Déco was born, is what it is today and continues to grow, thanks to the contribution of various people who have contributed their expertise and sound advice.

Without my partner of the first 2 years, Brigitte Dijon, Action Déco would never have existed. Although she taught me all about website management, I couldn't have created a more beautiful site than the one she brought into the world. Marc-André created the current logo and my slogan. He's an excellent graphic designer, as is Nadjejda, one of my artists, with whom I fine-tuned the rental aspect. There's Étienne, Ludo, Caroline and all the wonderful people at the Fondation SETHY, with whom I transform art into a forest.


Contagious enthusiasm

Everyone gets on board my creative entrepreneurial bubble. Everyone believes in me and my extraordinary project. My enthusiasm is contagious, my confidence almost unshakeable, nothing can stop me. When I falter, as every entrepreneur does at times, I know I always have someone around me to listen, to ask the right questions, to give me the pep I sometimes need.

Turning art into a forest doesn't always go smoothly, but in the end, it's what makes my day-to-day life so exhilarating.

Christiane planting 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life


Curious about the work shown in the image?

It's Christian Bibeau's Explosion de joie. Reproduced on acrylic, it will emit brilliance and light; reproduced on white aluminum, its silky shimmer will delight your eyes.

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