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I'm not an artist

Woman who's just had a brilliant idea

I'm often asked if I'm an artist, since I work in this sphere as an animator, coach, writer and art editor. Well, no, I'm not an artist, strictly speaking. I have no talent for wielding a paintbrush or pencil, and I can't even make proper matchstick figures.

My artistic side is best reflected in my writing. I love to make words fly across the paper so that the reader sees images, has sensations, is touched and transported by my writing.

Bohemian entrepreneur

I'm a creator of written and visual content, for myself and for others. I'm an ideator, an organizer, I have a head and a heart full of ideas, which I bring to life according to my color and personality. In short, I'm multidisciplinary, like my artists, but in a different way.

I call myself a bohemian entrepreneur who goes where my instincts lead me, where I see a service to provide, a product to bring to the world, in unoccupied market niches. I have this ability to seize the opportunities that present themselves, to see the little something that others can't and that opens doors that belong to me alone.

An expressive communication

I understand their language, their challenges, their concerns and their desire to succeed in a world where entrepreneurship is very square. With them, I can add unicorns and cats to my communications, as well as very playful and personalized greetings, something I couldn't do with a CEO of a large industry.

I'm artistic enough to have created a diversified, creative career for myself, without a certain routine, but with a certain routine. I'm entrepreneurial enough to move into the business world with confidence and certainty.


A creative business model

Even my business model is creative, since I offer free display to artists and give them royalties on sales. Acrylic and white aluminum reproduction media are very uncommon on the market, and since my editions are limited and certified, I fill an intermediate art market that was just waiting for me.

I can show up for business networking in orange pants and no high heels, which is a perfect representation of the art world and my bohemian side, while my poise and confidence support the businesswoman in me.

No, I'm not an artist, I'm simply a creative bohemian entrepreneur who's very proud of herself and the life I've created for myself.

Embark with me on this creative venture with our unique reproductions on acrylic and white aluminum. Explore our limited and certified editions, support exceptional artists while making a difference for the planet.

Christiane who plants 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life


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