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Contributing to society with Parkinson Estrie

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For as long as I can remember, my heart has been wounded by injustices of all kinds, whether they affect people, animals or nature. When I see a forest for sale and see it being used for housing developments and the animals living there being hunted down, I want to buy it. I hear on Radio Canada's La Facture that some people don't have access to certain health services or pensions because of bureaucratic issues, and I want to help them. I'd like to take in all the sick, different and abandoned animals and give them a good life. I often say to myself that when I have money, I'll do all that. I want to contribute to society, as well as reforesting the planet and supporting the work of my artists.

An opportunity in gold

Believe it or not, life has given me this opportunity, through art, for one organization in particular, Parkinson Estrie, which supports people living with Parkinson's disease and their loved ones in order to counter isolation, lessen the negative effects of Parkinson's and thus ensure their well-being. I'm currently working with them to organize a benefit evening featuring an art auction of magnificent sculptures created by one of their beneficiaries, Ms. Louise Hamel.

This opportunity to contribute to society is much more valuable to me than a monetary contribution. My contribution extends to an entire community. The people in management (pearls!) with whom I work directly, those who will attend the evening, the beneficiaries. Organizing an evening also helps to stimulate the local economy, since various people will be involved in the evening, whether on stage, behind a tasting counter or acquiring the equipment needed to hold the event.


But what about Action Déco?

Although this upcoming evening is not at all about Action Déco and its reproductions, I'll still be able to say a few words about why this opportunity to contribute is so important to me. And as a visionary entrepreneur, this type of evening could very well be applied to several causes, in different parts of the province, with my very own artists. Why not, anything's possible! And I've even launched a water line to that effect. To be continued 😊

I think nothing would please me more than to duplicate this type of evening, where the love of art and of one's fellow man actively rub shoulders. I'm already happy to work every day in the world of beauty with artists who are all dear to my heart. Little did I know that, one day, this happiness would grow to include people in society with whom it's a pleasure to work. Charlène and Daphné, with whom I'm in contact at Parkinson Estrie, are bright and smiling, and a real pleasure to work with. They take the well-being of their beneficiaries to heart, they radiate it, and it's impossible for me not to want that too, even though I don't know them at all.


I didn't think it was possible to shine even brighter than I did before this new association. The fact that I'm already able to contribute to society in a different way than I had planned, adds to my happiness at reforesting the planet and contributing to my artists.

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I share this message with you. Who would have thought that ecology would lead me to such a successful career? I didn't... 😉 


Christiane planting 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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