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I pay my artists

Action Déco pays its artists for each reproduction sold

Unlike most online art galleries, I don't charge my artists to display their work on Action Déco. Because I believe in my business and I know that artists work hard to make a name for themselves and make a living from their art, I offer them no charge. I even pay them to be with me. How? Through royalties from their author's rights on each work reproduced.


Indeed, to stand out on the web is not an easy task and there are many online sales platforms where you have to pay to have your place and hope to be seen. Since I put all my efforts into my baby Action Déco, the fact that I don't have a salary up front forces me to work hard to get my business talked about, sold and grown. Forced is a very big word as it is pleasant to work daily in this colorful and inspiring world.


Since my artists have the talent and I have the entrepreneurial fiber well placed, I judged more favorable for all to join forces. While my artists create wonders, I take care of distribution and sales. And since it is thanks to their work that Action Déco exists, it is only natural that I should pay them a fair price.


There is nothing like a win-win relationship like this. Everyone benefits, grows and prospers together. As an artist's coach, I always have the success of each of my protégés at heart. It is gratifying to know that they are successful, thanks in part to my coaching advice. The gratification is even greater when I know I have contributed directly to their success through the sale of a print.


We all work hard, with pleasure, according to our respective skills. My artists with their pencils, brushes, cameras. I with my computer, relationships, cat calendar. There is no power struggle, there is only solidarity through the community that Action Deco forms with its artists.


Because that's what we are. A community of heart and business, like a small village where everyone knows each other and helps each other for the greater good.


Action Déco, your wall decoration, your emotion and greenery in profusion

1 tree in the world with our printer / 1(or more!) tree(s) in the Eastern Townships with the Fondation SÉTHY

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