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I don't recognize myself anymore!!!

Action Déco is the culmination of my accomplishment

As a child, I was the odd one out in my class. I was the one picked last in team sports or forced into a group when there were an odd number of us in the class.


I did have a few friends, but I didn't feel that they were solid, supportive friendships around me. No wonder my early career goals were in the lab or library!


And yet, today, there are plenty of people who gravitate around me and who appreciate me, love me, for who I am and for real. And it's mutual, believe me. My life as an adult is so opposite to my life as a child and teenager! I've become totally fulfilled and empowered. A business woman surrounded by artists, business partners, clients.


I love who I have become, who I am, here and now. The one who today is not reclusive behind a book or a microscope, but who opens the doors of her heart and her life to people and opportunities.


I have no idea when or how I became the Christiane of today. The businesswoman who co-created Action Déco, the company that pays royalties to its artists. The one who plants a tree for every print sold, making a difference for the planet she holds so dear.


I am now the one who opened the doors of New York, of a museum, of an art gallery, thanks to her love-friendship.


I don't achieve these successes with my head. It is with this awareness of human value that I have developed over time and that I share with all those who are part of my life, especially my Brigitte, my corporate accomplice.

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