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I didn't be a nice girl

Action Déco wishes you thousands of positive surprises for 2023

I didn't pre-schedule posts to look active on my social networks and make the algorithm happy. I didn't send a newsletter to my world to wish them a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year. I didn't indicate in my various messengers that I would be less reactive than usual. I didn't prepare my written and visual content for January. Nothing, nothing, nada. I was not professional, I confess, and you know what? I'm fine with that.


For more than a month, before Christmas, I had more than my fair share of work, to my delight. I even got a little behind, which I caught up on between two calorie-boosted meals and a few cat walks.


I would have also normally planned festive communications, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all over the web, where I am normally present and active. I was planning to recycle my material from last year, which I didn't even bother to do.


I was feeling rebellious. I only dealt with the most urgent things by completing a few mandatory tasks, nothing more. Every day, I looked at my office door and said to myself: too bad. Never mind if the algorithm is hurting me because of my virtual absence. It's not going to take care of my health, play with my quadrupeds or take an almost guilty pleasure in eating the wonderful desserts concocted with sugar, butter and lots of love by my family.


I felt rebellious confining myself to my sofa, listening to old girl movies, in French only, when normally I favor English and Spanish.


I gave myself the right to live this holiday season the way I want to, the way I like and enjoy it. By disregarding computer conventions and really having no remorse about not being ready to start the year off right.


Everything happens in its own time anyway. What's the point of stressing about planning everything, even if it makes you sick? It is with a light heart, a little rebellious and without a calendar that I wish you an excellent year 2023, filled with thousands of positive surprises accompanied by the health required to welcome them and enjoy them fully.


Action Déco, your wall decoration, your emotion and greenery galore

1 tree in the world with our printer / 1 tree in the Eastern Townships with the SÉTHY Foundation

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