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Face your fears

Face your fears
Action Deco is about listening carefully

And laugh at yourself afterwards. My fear was the phone haha. A call I just made that I saw as a huge demon!

I just contacted the government for a follow-up on a case. Nothing serious, but you know, when it comes to the government, it's always scary. For me anyway. It's been a good week, maybe even more, that I've been putting off making that call about a personal matter and worrying that if I call, my world will end, that the earth will stop turning. However, being in uncertainty in front of the unknown, here I am talking about the outcome of this file, is hardly a better feeling than the fear of calling.

So I took my courage in both hands and called. Although I got a voice mail, I feel better because I have taken my fate into my own hands and come what may. I've been waiting to hear from them for almost 2 months now and I'm proud to have taken the initiative and dared to take a step.

It's all very simple, you'll tell me, to pick up the phone and ask for information. It's true. That's how I feel about sharing this little part of my life with you, a little silly in front of the absurdity of this useless fear. I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way when it comes to dealing with a big institution?

It's hard nowadays to know, often at least, where we'll get good service or ease in reaching someone, with all these automations, these supposedly intelligent chats that we're running around on.

I can assure you that I offer you the opposite at Action Déco. I take care of you the way I like to be taken care of when I store or get information. You have the right to a human, warm, accessible service, whether by phone or by email.

I sincerely hope that you don't see Action Deco as a big demon and if you do, I challenge you to get in touch with me. Relief guaranteed!

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