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Confinement, what a happy time !

Confinement, what a happy time !
Confinement, what a happy time !

Yes, yes, you read that right! The confinement has been nothing but happiness for me. I am quite alone with myself, at home, surrounded by my 5 quadrupeds and my biped. Okay, I am almost alone.

This prolonged period allowed me to avoid saying no to many outings, events, family gatherings. It was also during this time that I learned about the value of online shopping in general. Although I used to swear that I hated shopping on the internet, now I appreciate it and I couldn't do without it anymore.

I've even made it my job!

Action Déco is a baby of Covid. I took advantage of the fact that online sales were booming, especially in the art world, to create this business. Not only did I create my own work that I love, I also brought this platform into the world that gives back to the next. My artists receive a fair royalty payment for each print sold, plus they don't have to pay to advertise with us.

What could be better than a company that favors its owners, its artists, while creating jobs around it?

I'm really proud of this business idea I had. I'm even prouder to bring it to fruition with my corporate better half, Brigitte Dijon.

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