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Beauty and goodness in the same transaction

Action Déco is Beauty and goodness in the same transaction

JI love my title. It represents the consumer that I am. It's what I look for in every purchase I make, from food to clothing, from home décor to everyday goods. Everything goes through it.


With Action Déco I talk to you not only about decoration, but also about emotions. What is visually beautiful for the decoration of your home, office, garden, can also be beautiful for the soul, the senses and the morale.


Take this friendly owl, Au-delà du visible, by Carine Génadry. Not only is he very pleasing to the eye, but for me he represents many things. He is the embodiment of my late father for whom the forest was a very important place and where he gave his last breath. I have installed it in a strategic place in my office, where I only have to look up at it to observe it and connect with my late father. Although I don't look at it constantly, I know that Dad is watching over me, his beloved daughter, and answering my occasional entrepreneurial questions.


The goodness is also reflected in the fact that this reproduction is printed on demand. Only the necessary resources were used to bring it into the world, and so it will be for those who want the same. There is no inventory lying around where the sale is forced to hope to sell it. Of course, you have to wait a little longer to get it in your hands, which makes its acquisition even more valuable.


The goodness also translates into 2 trees planted for each print sold. 1 first tree to erase the carbon footprint generated upstream, and another to really bring a significant impact on the planet.


The good is also expressed by the quality of the product which is durable and will go through the years unhindered. It's not just a poster that can wrinkle or tear. This is aluminum or plexiglass. Since it is a piece that I also chose for its emotional significance, it will always find its place in my home, even if I change my house or decoration.


And for you, which of the Action Déco works touches you the most and why?


Action Déco, your wall decoration, your emotion and greenery in profusion

1 tree in the world with our printer / 1(or more!) tree(s) in the Eastern Townships with the Fondation SÉTHY

Au-delà du visible, by Carine Génadry, reproduction Action Déco

Reproduction on acrylic ou white aluminium, from 136$

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