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An ecological company, conscientious of its planet

An ecological company, conscientious of its planet
An ecological conscience

In the hustle and bustle of our consumer society, it's still possible to be in business without leaving an indelible ecological footprint behind. And that's what I love about Action Deco, we leave such a small ecological footprint, I wonder why all product companies don't do the same.

How is this possible?

Through on-demand reproductions

This means that each order is processed as it comes in. We have no inventory, so no wasted resources up front, and no unsold stock that might ultimately end up in the landfill.

Since printing is on demand, there is no unnecessary transportation from inventory to warehouse and then from warehouse to customer. Everything goes directly from the printer to you.

There's no overpacking of multiple small items into huge boxes to be repackaged later. There is only one package, as tight as possible, to protect your purchases.

Our selection committee, Brigitte and I work from our homes. No daily transportation is required.

When our printer receives orders for printing on wood panels, he prints as many as possible on the same panel, to avoid waste.

This same printer makes sure that a tree is planted for each print sold.

Soon, I, Christiane, your editor, will commit to doing the same, when I will make a profit from Action Déco. Ecology being at the heart of my daily concerns, I am happy to have this company so green, so close to the planet.

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