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What can I say, but thank you?

Creation of Action Déco

With today's topic, I feel like an actress who receives a trophy and gives thanks.

I would like to take this moment to thank all those who helped bring Action Deco into the world and who are currently making it live and grow with me.

This is not my first business project, I have always been in business. But I don't remember having vibrated as much or developed as many ideas as I did for Action Déco.

I had this brain bubble last November. A bubble that I shared with Brigitte and she joined me right away. Then, December, we had our incorporation. Our lawyer and her assistant delayed their Christmas break so that we could get our business number quickly. In the meantime, we worked with 3 artists of heart and experience, Sophie Desplat (Ds Kamala), Joce Texier and Bolieu, who with their great experience and wisdom advised us on any questions we might have, they were our mentors. After all, Action Déco was created for the artists, who better than them to advise us?

Then came the turn of Fabien, our printer. He was responsive and present from the very first email we sent him, asking questions about the different reproduction media. His excellent service (and God knows sometimes I can be intense) has never wavered and it is a joy and comfort to know he is ready to step in if needed.

I would also like to thank all the artists, whether I knew them or not, for jumping on board with us. It may seem difficult to sell the idea of a project when you only have a small document of 4 or 5 pages to show, not even a website and yet, my confidence, my energy and my experience were enough for many artists to say yes and to be now happy partners of Action Déco.

Our spouses, Brigitte and I, have also been a great support. Whether it is financial, advisory or in giving time, we would not have progressed as much without them.

I also have the perfect company to involve my mother, who, with her experience as a seamstress and exhibition expert, was able to advise and help me when I needed it.

Thanks to all these people, Action Déco has gone from being a project to an incorporated company that I am proud of and that gives me great happiness every day.

Only happiness. Thank you.

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