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Should I buy a reproduction or an original?

Should I buy a reproduction or an original?
Action Deco is chic and accesible art

I share with you this question (rephrased by me) from someone who didn't understand why I promote the sale of reproductions:

Why do you cut the ground from under the feet of artists who create originals, by selling reproductions?

Thank you for this beautiful question which made me really happy, because it shows that there is a misunderstanding in this field, as much at the level of the customers as of the artists.

First of all, we have to distinguish between reproductions or posters sold in superstores which, generally speaking, hinder artists by selling images that are cheap, it's true, but devoid of soul, history and energy.

Then there are the reproductions as conceived by Action Déco or sometimes, directly by certain artists. These reproductions have multiple benefits:

  • They provide an additional income to the artists

  • They allow them to make a living on a larger scale

  • They make it possible to obtain the work of an artist at a lower cost than an original, which makes it possible to adapt to all the budgets

  • Reproduction media such as white aluminum or acrylic allow you to express your personality in addition to the chosen work.

  • They make excellent gifts that are less expensive than originals

  • They also have a soul, a story, an energy, because you are buying a small part of an artist, as if it were an original.

Note also that reproductions do not devalue the value of an artist's original work, on the contrary, they give it value. The reproductions that are in circulation allow the artist to be known, to increase his popularity and thus his value.

Moreover, at Action Déco, we promise that each reproduction is sold in a limited edition of 150 units each, with a certificate of authenticity. A great way for you to stand out from the crowd, while ensuring that your neighbor does not buy the same reproduction!

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