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What a misunderstanding!

Royalties of Action Déco artists

Do you ever receive free comments on your social networks? Well, I do. Rarely, but still, it hurts.

I've noticed that every time I do ads for Action Deco, I get a few nasty comments saying that I'm exploiting artists and their talent for the sole purpose of making money.

No, but, what is this baseless and unresearched comments? Who dares to allow such a violation of my publications? Injured artists? People who have nothing else to do but repeat déjà vu? I will never understand how it is possible to pass judgment on someone or something that you don't know the ins and outs of.

I have to learn to detach myself from this nonsense, especially since Action Deco is so not in this philosophy of abusing others! On the contrary, one of the first questions I asked myself before starting my company was: ''How can I help artists? ''

The free platform and the remuneration of the royalties are 2 of the strong points of Action Déco. Ask my artists they will tell you. 😊

By the way, I'm always happy to discuss this. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact me!

Check out our artists, you can even chat with them!

Crédit photo - Elena Mozhvillo

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