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I found my corporate better half

I found my corporate better half
My Sweetheart Corporate

Yes, having a significant other is not exclusive to a couple, it is also possible in business, and I have my significant other.

The one who endures my not always convenient character, the one who lets me go in my professional follies, who adheres to my ideas and who is never far away when I contact her at any time. Being my complement, she is also the person who has qualities and aptitudes that I do not have. I live in a world of unicorns, she doesn't, she even makes me get off my colorful steed when necessary. She's the head for numbers, while I'm easily overwhelmed by all things accounting. On the other hand, I have an easy way with words.

I am in the spotlight, she works in the shadows, but what a job! It is thanks to her that our website is what it is. She is the web pro, the one who always has a solution to everything and knows how to keep a cool head at all times. She analyzes the statistics, takes care of Google which is a mystery for me, a pleasure for her and takes care of the advertising, the videos.

She is Brigitte Dijon. Designing a website is child's play for her, while it is a mountain for many people, me first. Before meeting her, I would have preferred to approach a herd of lions rather than think of creating a website myself. And yet, thanks to Brigitte, I have learned, I now let myself go a little without fear of being bitten.

The idea of this reproduction company came up at the end of November 2020. Without hesitation, I thought of Brigitte to accompany me in this beautiful adventure, having had the opportunity to lead trainings with her. Brigitte is a good popularizer! She is so passionate about what she does that she knows how to transmit her knowledge to others, with sparkling eyes and a smile in her voice.

So I contacted Brigitte who immediately said a big YES! Saying "yes" to your idea was a good time, I was looking for a new project. Yes, I like working with artists, with you. Yes, and I even have a company name for you: Action Déco.

You know, when the planets are aligned? That day, our planets were aligned!

By creating our website, Brigitte was able to concretize the exact image I had of our company, even though I had a hard time explaining it to her. We spent days, evenings, weekends, building the company, shaping it, to bring it into the world after a few months of gestation.

Working with Brigitte is like a dance. Each one of us makes her own moves, doesn't count her steps and in the end, everything is perfect. We put in our energy and pleasure according to our abilities, no matter who does more or less. The main thing is that the company lives, grows and prospers.

Did I tell you that I love MA Brigitte? Well, I'm telling you now.

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