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I didn't go four ways

Updated: Mar 19

Christiane Lamarche reputable businesswoman leaning on a Val Escoubet canvas

But I've taken dozens of paths to get to my current zone of genius, Action Déco. Along the way, I've met a lot of great people who've known me as a landscaper, a nutritionist, a municipal election campaigner, a Toastmaster and a Pilates instructor. I'm one of the instigators of Granby's public market, and I've also campaigned on a number of issues for this municipality.

All those who have crossed my path have known me for my good humor, my integrity, my involvement, my seriousness and my dedication in all the areas I've touched. They still remember me today, and Action Déco is an excellent gateway to reconnect with all the beautiful people who have been part of my life. I'm more than proud to introduce myself as the Christiane who plants trees, who has stars in her eyes when she talks about my artists, my mission, my products.

I'm not the new kid on the block in the art world, who no one knows and who comes out of nowhere. I'm Christiane, who's simply in a different business and proud of it. The reason I'm talking about this today is that, until recently, I had the impression of being perceived as someone who had "changed" her field "again", someone who still had something to sell. And yet, this perception is totally false! Quite the contrary, in fact.


It was when I came into contact again with many of these acquaintances and old friends from my past that I realized that I was perceived more as a leader, a businesswoman who's not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to implement new business models. When I started Action Déco in December 2020, I thought I'd have to build a whole new network around me, whereas in reality, my 30 years spent in various professional practices have given me the greatest gift of all: an already existing and solid extended network on which I can rely.


It's amazing, though, that when your nose is too focused on something, you don't see all the good and beautiful things around you. It was when I agreed to present myself at a cocktail party that I realized the full potential of what I'd built up in the past, which I can still use today. I've run a number of highly diversified businesses, but above all I've built up a very solid reputation in the course of this highly atypical career. It's as if all of a sudden, I've rebuilt the foundations of my company from scratch and expanded them with a snap of my fingers.


It's great when the past becomes the present.


Christiane, who plants trees and sells reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold


Contribute to reforestation by choosing your reproduction 🥰

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