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Are you familiar with corporate seduction?

Money falling and piling up

Corporate seduction is like seducing a life partner, but for business. You put on your best face, reveal your charms gently, and don't show off everything at once. What's more interesting in corporate than personal seduction is that you can have more than one prospect at a time.

Networking, the key to success

It's no secret that to succeed in business, you need contacts and networking. The general trend is to join XYZ networking groups, attend weekly meetings, make your polished little pitch in front of a group of entrepreneurs who want to sell themselves just as much as you do, all the while thinking about the day ahead. I lived through it, for a few years, until I was more than tired of whipping myself up to look good in that in that too rigid framework for me.

I have rather adopted the long term seduction, the one where we take the time to develop strong links, where we are really interested in the other person, in his cat and with whom it is a real pleasure to go for a coffee from time to time. During this extended coffee we talk a lot about life, just enough about business, we enjoy the present moment without thinking about the tasks that await us.

Long-term seduction

At the moment, I have a few relationships like these. One I'm keeping to myself, not wanting to sell the bear's skin before I've killed it. Another is with the Fondation SÉTHY, with whom I created a green alliance last autumn and which is the subject of several of my communications. Remember those trees I planted with them when I sold reproductions of my artists?

Reviving ancient flames

I recently attended the opening of their vice president's work, who is also a talented photographer. I showed up just to admire his work and as a bonus I had the joy of seeing some of the foundation's board members with whom I served in their early days. A handshake, a pleasure to meet again, a pat on the back, we promise to keep in touch for our alliance.

This relationship is now continuing with a happy hour they are organizing where I will be introduced to some of the people with whom I have been virtually connected for a few months. Then, another meeting is on the calendar, this time to take the time to explore the possibilities of our relationship so that it will be fruitful for all, and from which Mrs. Earth will benefit.

Although networking groups are no longer for me today, they have enabled me to forge links that I now take up again in my capacity as art publisher. doors already open in other times, always ready for me to go through them now.

No more love at first sight

I've lost faith in love at first sight, in all areas of my life, which probably explains why I feel so good about corporate seduction. The first two years of Action Déco were exploratory, to find a guideline, a solid mission and a clear vision. Now that the material has been gathered, I'm building a solid foundation with these relationships, and so many others, developed smoothly.

Quietly, in the right way, at the right time.

Does this approach appeal to you? Are you a landscape or interior designer, real estate agent, or any other field that requires decorative elements? Contact me, we can certainly work together.

Christiane who plants 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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