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Not always an easy life as an entrepreneur! But it is so exciting!

Action Déco is a wealth that is lived

No two days are the same, despite a certain routine. It's a succession of surprises and lessons. The business world is changing as fast as technology, as well as consumer habits. You have to adapt! That said, adaptation also requires working on yourself, which is not always an easy task. It is often easier to close your eyes than to open them and accept to work on your weak points.


Where I learned a lot with Action Déco is that selling products is really not the same thing as selling services. In my previous businesses, I offered my services, either individually or in groups. I wasn't aware that I was selling myself in some way. I was attracting those who fit my personality, I was in demand, I was going with the wind. I didn't even have to question myself or think.


Selling products, especially in the art world, is a whole other adventure. You have to find and qualify your persona, which evolves over time. You have to show and explain the product when it is out of the ordinary like our reproductions on acrylic and white aluminum. You have to distinguish yourself from the mass on the web, find places to exhibit, find opportunities.


All the subtleties of our business, including limited editions, planted trees, paid royalties, have to be repeated over and over again. I've learned to talk about our products and features in different forms, to get the message out.


Everything we do is a heartbeat and a roll of the dice. For the eternal positive that I am, I see the positive in every action, even if it doesn't automatically translate into sales or instant fame.


In my unicorn world, I honestly thought the road would be much easier. In the end, I am totally grateful for how far I have come. Without it, I would not have discovered or affirmed things about myself. I would not have made all these beautiful encounters, captured constructive comments and appreciations.


I have acquired a personal wealth that is worth its weight in gold and that continues to grow. It is a wealth that cannot be measured, it can be lived, felt and appreciated.

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