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Cat food and reproductions

Buy a reproduction in Quebec
Cat food and reproductions

Recently, I went to stock up on food for my little family of quadrupeds, hungry stomachs be damned.

I found (again) the only employee (possibly owner) with whom I have no affinity. She is as dumb as her two feet (since when are feet dumb anyway?), she struggles to give you a discount if you buy 50 large cans in bulk when it is possible when said cans are in their original packaging, you have to suggest that she call her other branch to find out if they have the missing products in stock... in short, nothing but negative.

Negative that I dumped on my boyfriend when I got home. Ouch. Poor love, he was waiting for me with a big smile and seeing his discomfited look at my attitude, I felt remorse. So I decided for the umpteenth time to change stores lolll.

Without saying that I excel in customer service, I can certainly say that I am by far more charming than her when I have a customer on the phone. I take the time to listen to them, understand their request and meet their expectations. The customer doesn't need to tell me how to do my job like this pet care saleswoman does.

I want the service I offer to be impeccable. Since I sell art reproductions on aluminum, wood and plexiglass, it is understandable that some buyers have questions about which medium to choose depending on the work they want. And that's what I give, an excellent pre-sale service!

You hesitate on the choice of the reproduction which will be perfect for your decoration? Give me a call and I'll be happy to discuss it with you! 😊

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