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Commedia Dell'Arte by painter Bolieu

Collection : Commedia Dell'Arte

Inspired by the 16th century and designed with today's eyes

Painter Bolieu

All reproductions are in limited series and signed by the artist Bolieu.
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The COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE is a form of popular theater that settled comfortably in Italy in the 16th century and was born from a contract signed by eight actors who, from then on, played for the public and were paid by it.

The mission of this form of theater is to entertain and meet the expectations of their audience by addressing the largest number: it is the theater of the people based on misunderstandings.

This genre was very popular and had a lasting influence on European theater.  Molière drew much inspiration from it and made an important contribution to the history of this theatrical genre.  As an example, his famous play Le malade imaginaire.

The COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE is the ancestor of the Vaudeville and humor shows as we still know them today!

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