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Abstract Reproduction "POLICHINELLE".

Painter: Bolieu

St-Hippolyte (Qc) - 2022

Mixed technique on wood panel



Style: contemporary abstract art.

Format original work: 40 x 30 in. / 100 x 75cm

Reproduction format: 20 x 15 / 38.10 x 50.8 cm and 30 x 22 inch / 76.2 x 55.9 cm et 40 x 30 in. / 100 x 75cm


Polichinelle is the eldest, very indiscreet and lazy, paunchy and hunchbacked. His nose is shaped like a bird's beak and is all black. He is dressed in white to better soak up the colors of the others; if he thinks at times, it is in order to determine how he will be able to do the least possible.


Suggested reproduction medium: Acrylic

The acrylic (plexiglass) gives the works bright and shiny colors with an effect of depth. Do not put in front of a direct light source (sun or light) to avoid reflections.


Limited edition:

  • 20 x 15 inches: Limited edition of 25 copies with certificate of authenticity

  • 30 x 22 inches: Limited edition of 15 copies with certificate of authenticity

  • 40 x 30 inches: Retouched edition of 5 copies with certificate of authenticity. The artist retouches the reproduction with the original metal details and also dedicates your copy. The delivery time is 1 month more.

Hanging system included:

Floating frame. Artwork ready to hang



  • Trained as a hyperrealist, Bolieu has worked and taught extensively in this art form.


    Over time, surrealism imposed itself on her, it won her great favor and kept it for a long time; it allowed her a playful figuration by distorting the subject and its color, but keeping a visual fully understandable to all.



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    Instagram : @france.bolieu


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  • Free throughout North America.

    On estimate, in the rest of the world.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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