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This artist has a dynamic and diversified artistic career, marked by several significant achievements. She has had the opportunity to exhibit her work at Galerie MUR MUR in l'Assomption, and to participate in renowned art events such as Art Battle Montréal. Her presence on the symposium circuit, notably in Mascouche, Ste-Rose de Laval, Terrebonne, Repentigny, Chambly and Châteauguay, testifies to her active involvement in the Quebec art community.

As an active member of the Association des artistes en arts visuels de Terrebonne (AAAVT), she contributes to enriching the local artistic fabric. Her involvement as secretary on the Board of Directors of the Association culturelle en Arts de Repentigny reflects her desire to support and promote the arts at the community level.

She is currently taking part in a citizen arts residency in Pointe-aux-Trembles, an experience that has enabled her to exhibit her work at the Maison de la Culture, thus broadening her artistic visibility. Her talent also extends to illustration, as evidenced by her contribution to the cover design of "La Chatière", a novel published by Véronique Drouin.

In her quest for perfection, she has taken various training courses over the years, exploring techniques such as painting on gel plates, drawing, watercolor and the creative arts. Among her artistic influences are renowned contemporary artists such as Clo-artiste for his freshness and creativity, Dominic Besner for his madness, his colorful and unique artistic flights. And Sylvain Coulombe for his mastery of texture, his moving characters and his technique, which remains sober in its subject matter.

Her artistic style is characterized by its playfulness, skilfully navigating between the naive and the abstract. She uses a variety of techniques according to her inspiration, including acrylic with water, gel, oil pastel and collage, creating works imbued with spontaneity and creativity.

She particularly enjoyed the creativity workshops offered by painter France Rhéaume, whom she followed for nearly 15 years, as well as the workshop Creativity through the Power of Paint by Seymour Segal.

Artistic approach

Sir Roy invites you into her universe, a place of discovery and visual curiosity.

The artist doesn't impose her emotions on you; her aim is to give you the opportunity to explore your own through her work. It's your eyes that matter. For her, the escape from the rigors of everyday life comes through creation. It means choosing to have fun, to laugh, to let go, without worrying about being perfect or following rigid aesthetic standards.

Texture plays a key role in her approach. Inspiration emerges from both nature and the urban environment. Using a variety of materials helps her to compose new, spontaneous visual experiences. One of her favorite techniques is to superimpose colors and then scrape them off while still wet. This reveals underlying layers, adding unexpected elements to her canvases.

Houses are at the heart of her work. Her series of "Houses on Wheels", a powerful and playful symbolic subject, is the artist's trademark. She makes them live, evolve and transform, integrating them harmoniously into abstract compositions. They fascinate, and in fact, she naturally sees in them the analogy of a human being, with personality, strengths or weaknesses.

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