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Figurative art "Forêt enchantée 01". Reproduction of a very realistic tree painting

Artist : Chantal Bourque.

2017, Vaudreuil-Dorion.


Theme: Nature, Tree, Landscape, Forest, Scene of life, Botanical, Organic, Season, Zen, Calm, Relaxation, Wood, Bark, Leaves, Season, Contemporary, Environment, Fall, Cottage, Decoration, Colors, Leaf


Style: Acrylic paint and mixed media.

Original size: 16 x 48 inches / 40,6 x 122 cm.

Reproduction size: 8 x 24 inches / 20,3 x 61 cm, 16 x 48 inches / 40,6 x 122 cm.

Dominant colors: Green, Brown, Orange, Beige


Hanging system included:

Floating frame


Artist's interpretation of the work:

This painting is the first of a series of three. In order to create it, I was inspired by a photograph I took in the village of St-Alphonse, in Gaspésie.


I was walking along a small path along a stream, in a beautiful wooded area, when I saw this splendid scene. The scenery was simply enchanting: rays of light seeped through the leaves, illuminating the green moss covering the trees and giving an enchanted look to the landscape.


This scene seemed to emerge from a fairy tale, where little fairies twirl in the sky and grant wishes. I wanted to represent, with the help of different colors and textures, all the subtleties of this landscape, and thus transmit this spirit of well-being and appeasement that I felt while observing it.

Forêt enchantée 01 - Chantal Bourque

PriceFrom C$227.00
  • Through her realism style paintings, Chantal is guided by the way colors, shapes and light interact in harmony with nature. Her approach is meticulous, her brush strokes are precise and delicate. Her artistic technique is constantly evolving and it is with the exploration of different mixed media that she gradually abandons oil painting, in order to devote herself for several years only to acrylic. With time, Chantal adds more and more textures to the trunks she paints, and now integrates real pieces of bark, which become the common thread in all her works.


    Her work is above all a tribute to trees. Through her paintings, this artist is constantly looking for a way to express the feelings that they give off for her: resilience, strength, rootedness, originality, hope, singularity, mystery, well-being and impermanence.


    Through her work, Chantal hopes to encourage people to live in connection with nature, and also to respect it. An awareness that the human being is partly interrelated to this grandiose nature, which can bring us so many benefits.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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