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Semi-abstract art and symbolic art "Twin Flames".

Artist: Lisa Stock.

Longueuil, 2017

Technique: Acrylic on canvas


Theme : Character, Spiritual, Love, Couple, lotus, energy, femininity, Goddess, woman, spiritual painting

Style : Semi-abstract art and symbolic art

Format original artwork : 30 x 30 inches / 76X76 cm.

Reproduction format : 10 x 10 inches / 25.4X25.4 cm and 20 x 20 inches / 51X51 cm and 30x30 inches / 76X76cm.

Dominant colors : red, blue


Hanging system included :

Floating frame


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

This spiritual painting represents the main characters of my trilogy (Axys). Even when divided on the physical plane, their souls remain forever connected.The main character, Mayka, shows the blue side and the Moon - The coldness of the Earth (where she comes from), while the supporting lead, Snow represents the Sun, emanating light and abundance from her world; Zephyr (which also inspired the name Zephyra). The power of this light animates its counterpart, forming a "Yin-Yang" style cyclone of purifying energies.


Twin Flames is the painting that changed everything.

The one I created with the intention of attracting my own twin flame relationship, the man of my dreams, "the good one".


After years of working on myself and looking for the one I would like to spend my life with, I finally decided to stop looking and apply one of the tips of The Secret: surround myself with images that reflect the kind of relationship I want.


So I made this painting, letting her transform in front of me without expectations or attachments. The result of this showed me a perspective that I had not seen before. I now had a better idea of the energy I was looking for. After this important clarification, it took only a few months before this person/energy finally appeared in my life.


I have since decided to help other people manifest the love they seek with vibrant, semi-abstract artwork, avoiding being too specific on a physical level.

We know what we want, but it's hard to visualize every detail perfectly. So the best thing to do is to visualize the energy of that ideal person as best we can and embody the highest version of ourselves in every moment.

Twin flames - Lisa Stock

PriceFrom C$184.00
  • Her work is inspired by fantasies, meditations, visions that seem to come from another dimension. The souls she paints represent the main characters in her fantasy trilogy. The love in this story led her to believe that it was possible to manifest such a powerful relationship in her own life, so she began painting couples to surround herself with this energy. Within a few months, Lisa manifested her dream relationship.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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