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Figurative art "Couleur Locale".

Artist: Colin.

MARCH 2021, RAIATEA island, French Polynesia.

Technique Acrylic paint. Brush and pouring technique.


Theme : character, nature, woman, Polynesia, flower, tiara, ibiscus, abundance, femininity

Style : figurative art.

Format original artwork : 16 x 16 inches / 40X40 cm.

Reproduction format : 8 x 8 inches / 20x20 cm and 16 x 16 inches / 40X40 cm.

Dominant colors : pink, orange


Hanging system included :

Floating frame


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

This work represents the abundance of nature and in particular that present in Polynesia: an abundance of flowers and warm colors that surround the central female character, himself slightly covered by this abundance.


The character wears a few flowers in her hair like a wedding hairstyle, which represents her union with the nature that surrounds her.

Couleur Locale - Colin

PriceFrom C$166.00
  • She likes to mix both portraiture and figurative nature with mixtures of fluid paintings, whose colors are borrowed from nature as the different shades of blue, ochre, the color hers ... in a spontaneous and uncontrolled. Sometimes, she adds to this association, calligraphy that accentuates the link in her paintings between the past and the words of the present.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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