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Abstract art "Or bleu #1".

Artist painter from Quebec: Quenick.

2021, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada.


Theme : Nature, sea, blue, memory, sand, ocean, aquatic, marine, underwater, relaxing, vacation, restful, gold, waves, intuition, movement, fluidity, string, modern.


Style : Art abstract.

Format original artwork : 16 x 20 inches / 40.6 x 50.8 cm.

Reproduction size: 8 x 10 inches / 20 x 25.4cm and 16 x 20 inches / 40.6 x 50.8 cm.

Technics: Acrylic.

Dominant colors : Azure, black and gold.


Hanging system included :

Floating frame.


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

The sea, a vast expanse of water filled with mysteries and treasures.

Through its colors, this minimalist work recalls a beach, junction point between water and land. I see this painting as a deconstructed seaside landscape.


You don't need a precise image to feel calm and serenity what does the coast. Trusting your imagination to create, from suggestions, emotions, memories or questions specific to yourself, there is the power of abstraction.

Or bleu #1 - Quenick

  • I explore my subconscious and my intuition through my creations. It is by analyzing and contemplating the final work that I am able to connect the dots and thus decode my perceptions and influences.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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