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Figurative art "Les copines".

Artist: Jies.

2020 Pfetterhouse (France)


Theme: character, woman, fashion, beauty, girlfriends

Style : figurative art

Format original work: 31.9 x 23.7 inch / 81 x 60 cm.

Reproduction format: 16 x 13 inches / 91 x 31 cm and 32 x 26 inches / 84.3 x 66 cm.

Dominant colors: fuchsia pink


Hanging system included:

Floating frame


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

They wander in a city erased by their vision exclusively centered on the accessories that allow them to blossom. Victims of fashion and dictatorship of the image, isolated somewhere between self-esteem and the gaze of the other, they stroll, virtual windows in dedicated application. They exchange. They change themselves. They change the world. They are friends. They.

Les copines - Jies

PriceFrom C$239.00
  • The figures are represented in a simplified manner, with clean lines, sometimes broken, unstructured, on metallic backgrounds, often with a copper, gold or silver tone, in touches or in textured flat areas, creating an atmosphere that is both enigmatic and emotional.


    The artist tends to explore the human form in an abstract context, seeking to express complex emotions and ideas through simple, uncluttered forms. He also wishes to stimulate the viewer's imagination and emotion, inviting them to interpret the shapes and colors in their own way. As if to force the viewer to look at this unlikely mirror with his own eyes.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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