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figurative art "Col Mare negli occhi".

Italian painter: Sonia Valsecchi.

2020, Clamart (France).


Theme : Person, Portrait, Woman, Face, Nymph, Water Element, Water, Myth, Sea.


Style : Art figurative.

Format original artwork : 11.7 x 8.3 inches / 29.7 x 21 cm.

Reproduction size : 22 x 16 inches / 55.9 x 40.6 cm.

Technics: inks and colored pencils on paper.

Dominant colors : blue, sky blue, turquoise, yellow, green, white.


Hanging system included :

Floating frame.


Interpretation of the work by the artist:


This work was born from a reflection on the element WATER.


Water represents the feminine par excellence. It brings life, fertility: where it flows, something is born. The marine world is full of fascination, myths and surprises. The face of this young woman could be that of an undine or a water nymph who observes us and enchants us with her mysterious song.

Col mare negli occhi - Sonia Valsecchi

PriceFrom C$178.00
  • All the steps in creating a painting are exciting to me. I usually start by setting up my palette and laying out my tools; then I put in the first splashes of color as I enter my creative bubble. Normally, I start with colors and then add lines to get to the interpretation of the human figure.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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