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Abstract art "Ballet bleu''
Artist : Linda Blais
2022, Trois-Rivières, Quebec

Theme: nature, dance, character
Style: abstract art, semi-abstract
Technique: mixed media
Original size: 48 x 48 inches / 121.9 x 129.9 cm.
Reproduction size: 10 x 10 inches / 25.4 x 25.4 cm, 20 x 20 inches / 50.8 x 50.8 cm, 30 x 30 inches / 76.2 x 76.2 cm, 40 x 40 inches / 101.6 x 101.6 cm and 50 x 50 inches / 127 x 127 cm.
Dominant colors: titanium white, gray, black, gold, blue

Hanging system included:
Floating frame

Artist's interpretation of the work:
There are rare moments when calm, shimmering waters manage to hide many more lives than they appear to. Seizing this precious time, it's reasonable to think that this lake with its peaceful shores is loaded with the stories of living beings who have seen the magic of this moment.  Some have undoubtedly taken advantage of its fishy waters to try their luck, like these two mystical fishermen from another time who seem to dance forward, as if to bewitch nature's bounty. Did they succeed? In any case, one puts his heart into it and the other seems to attract the catch to his feet.

Another fishing story.

Ballet bleu _ Linda Blais

PriceFrom C$184.00
  • Nature is my refuge, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and plays an essential role in my creative process. My painting, which has become gestural over time, is mainly influenced by the harmony of colors and the interplay of light and shadow. Each canvas is a subjective pictorial expression, dominated by movement and spontaneity of form.


    My artistic approach is rooted in the present and contemplation, exploring a space of interiority where the forces of nature become my main motivation. It's a deep immersion in the natural elements, an attempt to capture the very essence of their energy.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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