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Contemporary abstract art "Éclaircie".

Artist: Patrice Bru.

2023, 32000 AUCH.


Theme : Nature.

Artist painter abstract Occitanie, contemporary abstract art, abstract acrylic painting, contemporary abstract art.


Style : Contemporary symbolic abstract art

Original artwork size : 48 x 24 inches / 120 x 60 cm.

Reproduction size: 24 x 12 inches / 61 x 30.5 cm and 48 x 24 inches / 121.9 x 61 cm.

Technique: Acrylic on linen canvas.

Dominant colors: Blue, yellow, red, brown, orange


Hanging system included:

Floating frame


Artist's interpretation of the work:

In this work, the artist presents a metaphor for hope. The cold, dark wall of thick clouds is suddenly torn apart by colorful turbulence, heralding the return of fine weather in the form of patches of blue sky.

Éclaircie - Patrice Bru

PriceFrom C$455.00
  • Bright colors, diverse shapes and textures, made from structural mortar, sand, wood, paper, spalter or knife applications... all techniques that allow him to express himself without a net. Sometimes guided by an intuitive approach, he begins his creations with a background graded from dark to light, onto which he deposits, projects, spreads, dabs and rubs the paint, bringing it to life, making the colors vibrate and animating the shapes.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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