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The discount gamick

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hand holding money and Action Déco logo

I've already told you that I don't understand the current consumer society that pushes us to buy more than we need. Buying too much groceries that end up in the garbage, while people are starving on the planet. Buying clothes because it's fashionable, while others are struggling to get dressed and our drawers are already overflowing. The list can be long.


The gamick of discounts (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, sales related to all the official holidays of the year) only accentuates this growing consumer problem. I will never understand why we "have to" buy X product because it is on sale when we don't need it.


With Action Déco I do not adhere to this madness. I sell decoration products, of course. But above all I sell emotions, works that have a meaning for the buyer. Emotions cannot be sold off.


Buying discounts is not buying with one's heart, unless it is for basic necessities. Buying Action Deco reproductions is taking possession of an image that reflects a part of our soul, a memory, a link with the artist who created the original work.


However, I am happy to offer discounts when a loyal fan tells me she has a big crush and I want to do my part by offering her a rebate. Or when someone asks me nicely and this gesture can make a difference for the other person. I also like to offer spontaneous discounts for a day. A gesture that comes from the heart and is not motivated by profit at all costs.


Of course, I sell products to ultimately make money, it is still the core of our society -unfortunately-. However, I don't want to make money for simple capitalist greed, but rather to put it to good use, as with the reforestation of this planet that is so dear to me. After all, without it, we would not be here. Without it, I wouldn't be here today working in the world of beauty on a daily basis.


I feel good about this commercial non-conformity. I avoid those who store for a price, they are usually eternally dissatisfied. Instead, I deal with customers who understand that quality and service come at a cost and that everyone in the chain needs to be able to feed themselves properly. Everyone here is my artists, to whom I pay royalties, my printer and his team. It's the delivery staff who take the road to deliver your favorite. It's all these people who, like you, have a family, children. It's also a little me, to say the contrary would be a lie, who creates daily human connections between my artists and you.


Christiane who plants 2 trees per reproduction sold 🌳🌳🥰

Multiplying art and life

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