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Chantal Bourque

Artist Painter -
Figurative art

Address :

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Qc


Chantal Bourque is a contemporary Canadian painter. She was born in 1978 in the beautiful Baie-Des-Chaleurs region of the Gaspé Peninsula. Fascinated from childhood by the emotional power of images, Chantal quickly developed a strong interest in the arts. Through several years of oil painting classes, she has seen the infinite possibilities of bringing out emotions through the combination of multiple touches of color.

Her passion for the arts continues to grow, and an academic education follows, including a DEC in visual arts, a BAC in graphic communications and an AEC in multimedia programming. Exploring the digital side of art for a few years as a graphic designer, Chantal then returned to her first passion: painting.
At the same time, Chantal developed another interest, that of the forest. Her father, a forestry technician, passed on to her his love for trees. She explored the different possibilities of expressing the feeling of well-being found in the forest through painting. After reading the books of the forest ranger Peter Wohlleben, she changes her perception of trees, which now become the center of her creations. Her award-winning works express the beauty of the trees that surround us. Now established in Vaudreuil-Dorion, it is through several exhibitions and projects that Chantal wishes to transmit her passion and fascination for the forest.

Artistic approach

Through her realism style paintings, Chantal is guided by the way colors, shapes and light interact in harmony with nature. Her approach is meticulous, her brush strokes are precise and delicate. Her artistic technique is constantly evolving and it is with the exploration of different mixed media that she gradually abandons oil painting, in order to devote herself for several years only to acrylic. With time, Chantal adds more and more textures to the trunks she paints, and now integrates real pieces of bark, which become the common thread in all her works.

Her work is above all a tribute to trees. Through her paintings, this artist is constantly looking for a way to express the feelings that they give off for her: resilience, strength, rootedness, originality, hope, singularity, mystery, well-being and impermanence.

Through her work, Chantal hopes to encourage people to live in connection with nature, and also to respect it. An awareness that the human being is partly interrelated to this grandiose nature, which can bring us so many benefits.

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