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Abstract Reproduction "Roses blanches".

Painter: Dominique Desmeules

2020, Chicoutimi


Theme : nature, square artwork, pink, white flowers, gold, Japanese paper collage, mixed media, acrylic.

Styling : Semi abstract expressionism

Format original work : 24 x 24 inches / 61 x 61 cm.

Reproduction size : 12 x 12 inches / 30.5 x 30.5 cm and 24 x 24 inches / 61 x 61 cm.

Dominant colors : pink, white, gold


Hanging system included :

Floating frame


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

This work was created as part of a pictorial challenge between two artists for a joint exhibition. The challenge was to paint a work with a single color (here Magenta quinacridone) that could be added with black and/or white. Gold or silver was permitted. For an artist who paints with a multitude of colors, it was quite a challenge that made me think before I started placing my brush on the canvas while I normally do just the opposite. A step towards new future creations.

Roses blanches - Dominique Desmeules

PriceFrom C$207.00
  • Passionate about gardens, the floral theme imposed itself naturally in her art from the beginning. The figurative gave way to the stylization of floral forms to become more abstract defined.


    She decided to work with structural mortar which gives a beautiful texture to her flowers. They look like they are sculpted on the canvas!


    Dominique Desmeules likes to convey the joy on her canvas, the beauty of the flora as well as the imagination that is part of her creation of contemporary artworks.



*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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