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Floral art "Abondance".

Painter : Anne Savard.

July 2023, Chicoutimi.

Theme : nature, flower, floral, textured, mixed media, colorful, lively, figurative, timeless, made in Quebec, acrylic, contemporary, and gallery canvas.

Style : contemporary figurative art.

Original work size: 60 x 24 inches / 152.4 x 61 cm.

Reproduction size: 30 x 12 inches / 76.2 x 30.5cm and 60 x 24 inches / 152.4 x 61 cm.

Dominant colors: orange, green

Hanging system included:

Floating frame

Artist's interpretation of the work:

For me, this canvas embodies the splendor of nature and the magic of gardens, inviting the viewer to marvel at the beauty that surrounds us. The variety of flowers remains indistinct, leaving room for interpretation. The warm, vibrant orange color delights the eye like a gentle ray of sunshine caressing the retina. It evokes vitality, creativity and energy. It's a hue that warms and illuminates our perception, as if each shade of orange were a little treasure for our senses.

Abondance - Anne Savard

PriceFrom 317,00C$
  • Anne Savard has been practicing her art, contemporary and figurative, for 20 years. Flowers come naturally to her. She has a real passion for them. For her, no one can remain indifferent in the face of such beauty, extravagance, color, scent and diversity. As a result, they become her favorite subject. Of course, she sometimes strays from them, but she always returns to this inexhaustible source of inspiration.

*Colors may vary from one screen to another.

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