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Money grows on trees 💵

Money growing in a tree

That's right, money grows on trees, and you all have this essence at home. Every tree, every plant, is a source of profit for someone. Where there's a forest, the air is fresher, animals find shelter and food. The floral diversity of even your urban environment provides nectar for butterflies and bees.


But we humans have only seen the money that can be made from exploiting the forest, not the money in the tree, which is very much present when we work in symbiosis with it. Cutting down trees to ground level means depriving wildlife, flowers and insects of their home and their larder. It deprives the Earth of oxygen and fresh air. It means draining precious water from streams and rivers. It means the death of life in all its forms.


We drive animals off our land, leaving them no choice but to come into our neighborhoods in their desperate search for a home and food, since we've taken away their territory. We see them as nuisances, when in fact it's humans who are harming them and the fragile ecological balance we've upset through greed and greed for profit.


How about taking the first step by significantly reducing your lawn and planting some trees? You'll have a guaranteed source of freshness for your home, and the birds, chipmunks and squirrels will be delighted to have more space for themselves. Can you see the money growing in the trees?


A sustainably managed forest provides us with the materials and combustibles we need for years to come, while preserving habitats for flora and fauna. Water circulates freely, nourishing all these living creatures, from which we in turn benefit. Hey, it's beautiful and bucolic to see all that money in the trees!


Many ecological disasters, such as landslides and floods, would be avoided if we lived with nature, not against it. If we cut down trees, there are no roots left to hold the soil. By concreting, water no longer has a place to seep through. What if we planted trees full of money instead of always rebuilding and forcing the Earth to adapt to us?


For every tree I plant through the sale of my artists' reproductions, I see the money in their branches and hear the animals thank me for my involvement. Thank you for making a difference with me. 💖


Christiane who plants trees by selling reproductions 🌳🌳🌳

2 trees planted per reproduction sold 🥰

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