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Pauline Giguère

Artist Painter -
Figurative art - Abstract art - Semi-abstract art

Address :

Québec, Canada


Born in Quebec City, Pauline Giguère has always been attracted to the arts. In 1998 after a first career at Bell Canada, curious to know all the artistic trends and wishing to improve her pictorial mastery, she decides to devote herself entirely to painting. She enrolled at Laval University in several courses such as drawing, painting, mixed media, art history etc.. It was also at this time that she began to share her knowledge by teaching painting to groups of students of all ages.

Since her beginnings, her painting has clearly evolved. The main turning point came in 2011, when she joined the Off-Gallery and started to explore contemporary art through semi-abstract to total abstraction. The year 2013 also marked her journey following a trip to Asia which was a great source of inspiration for her.

Her themes vary between spaces, explosions of colors, female portraits, seascapes, always hoping to find a new perspective or an unexplored escape, remaining constantly in search of beauty and harmony of tones.

A colorist painter, her paintings are made up of spontaneous and aesthetic gestures always tinged by her interiority. She currently favors acrylic paint as well as collages of different materials. Her paintings are all original, since they are unique pieces.

She has been working in galleries for the past ten years and has had a large number of solo and group exhibitions. She has been represented in several galleries in Quebec City, Montreal, Outaouais, and Niagara Falls. In 2016, she won the 1st prize at the Grand Concours d'œuvres d'Art Césure.

Artistic approach

As a painter, my concern is to express beauty through the magic of colors and shapes. As the human being evolves over time, my painting has changed over the years. This evolution led me to new experiences of creation as well on the level of the expression as on the mediums.

I sometimes prefer semi-abstract scenes or total abstraction whose gestural nature allows me to color the orientation of my work and at other times it is the figurative that appeals to me. My objective is always to highlight the beauty of the world that surrounds us despite all its upheavals.

The harmonies of colors found in nature and elsewhere inspire and fascinate me. I can be subjugated by an emotion, a landscape or even an object.

My production is currently a research between the concrete and the abstract, which is part of the current art. This research consists in finding the aesthetic in a spontaneous gesture allowing me to tint my work of my interiority while being constantly in search of the small spark of beauty.

Varied textures, expressive colors and especially the capture of light through shadows with intense contrasts give life to my works.

Aesthetics and artistic movement always remain the basis of my pictorial research because I believe that a good combination of shapes and colors can only give good results.

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