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Lou Auvray

Artiste Peintre -
Art figuratif, animalier et surréaliste

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Bretagne, France

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Lou Auvray artiste peintre (@auvraylou)


Her studies at the ESTB, school of Architecture and Art drawing in Paris, predestined Lou Auvray to a more conventional path than painting on an easel, a profession too often judged and considered as atypical or futile.

However, after a few years spent in architectural agencies, his life took a different path.

The need to immerse herself in Art is essential to her in order to share her emotions felt in a wild world where the animal has its place.

To observe, to learn, to listen and to retransmit in a realistic or surrealist way a movement, an expression, a look.

To touch the Living and to show to what point its balance becomes fragile in front of the Man.

In addition to her work in the studio and her various exhibitions, since 2001 Lou has been teaching painting and drawing to groups of adults using different techniques and mediums.

Artistic approach

Lou Auvray is an artist committed to the defense and protection of wildlife and its biodiversity, she is active in conservation projects.

Her artistic approach is based on the meeting and the approach between man and animal.

By exploring and experimenting with different artistic techniques, both figurative and surreal, she highlights the precarious balance between the animal kingdom and the arrogant supremacy of the human species.

She questions the often forgotten beauty of a disappearing world by staging and sharing her emotions.

The study of the interaction between textures and colors to render the original idea is central to her creations. She does not hesitate to combine oil, her main medium, with monotype, fatty tempera, marble powder or other mixed techniques.

To seek to sensitize on the beauty of the Living becomes its oxygen and the stake of its work.

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