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Caroline Singler

Artist Painter -
Naive art and illustrator

Address :

St-Boniface, Québec


Caroline Singler was born in Montreal in the 60's and now lives in the country in Mauricie.

From a young age, Caroline was attracted to the arts but it is only after the birth of her 2 boys in less than 2 years that she began university studies in plastic arts. She enrolled in live model sessions for almost 10 years. She participated in several symposiums and was recruited by the Jeannine Blais gallery. At the same time, she obtained illustration contracts and illustrated a children's book for Isatis.

In her practice Caroline pays particular attention to her energy. She has become an adept of Chi Gong. For her, the colors and the intention of creation give off a vibration that can impact on the mood. So, creating colorful works filled with joy has always been her leitmotiv. She simply tries to bring lightness, good mood in the heart of the viewer.

Artistic approach

Joy, gaiety and fantasy are the driving forces behind her creations. Strongly inspired by the comic strip and the universe of the tale, Caroline likes a metaphorical style, naive, playful, all in roundness. Bodies and planes are often distorted to accentuate the dimension of a wonderful world. She uses acrylic, paper, fabrics and tools such as brushes, combs to texture the canvas.

Animals appear very often in her work because for her, they represent authenticity. They live in the moment without worrying about tomorrow and Caroline aspires to do the same. She loves birds for the symbol of freedom with their flight. Dogs and cats for the wriggling of the body, the call to play. Hearts, stars and spirals are symbols that are quite present in her work because they refer to love, the mystery of the universe and expansion. On a few occasions, Caroline adds collage fabrics that she creates herself. She plays with small pieces of fabric as if it were a color palette. She merges them and sews them together to discover a multitude of very textured colors.

Caroline is dedicated to creating joy to bring light and wonder to an often gray world in the hope that it will be contagious.

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