Decorating advice by Nathalie Brodeur

An Action Deco reproduction by Dominique Desmeules

Rêveries célestes by Dominique Desmeules is a work created in a spirit of pictorial freedom allowing the distorted and stylized forms to float freely in the universe. The round shapes take their place in this work and can be interpreted differently ... balloons ... flowers ... planets.

What Nathalie advises us :

Abstract work leaving room for the imagination. Superb mixture of color and texture in its creation, this canvas can be perfect for the lovers of the Mid-Century deco style.

You have furniture in shades of olive green, this painting is what you need to jazz up the room.

You have an office space and you want to bring dynamism to it to favor your work time, this painting is perfect.

If you want to bring out the painting by an accent wall, I advise you the navy blue or a dark green to bring richness to your decor.

*Her services are in French only

Rêveries célestes - Dominique Desmeules / Starting at C$164.00 on acrylic or white aluminum.

Disponible en 12 x 12 pouces / 30,5 x 30,5 cm et 24 x 24 pouces / 61 x 61 cm.

Rêveries célestes - Dominique Desmeules | Action Déco (

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