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Virginie Hentzienne

Artist Painter -
Figurative and symbolic art

Address :

Montréal, Québec


Virginie Hentzienne was born in Dijon (France) in 1974 and made Quebec her adopted home in 2000. She is now based in Montreal. A translator by trade, her career took an unexpected turn when a health problem forced her to take her healing into her own hands in the face of an impoverished medical system. Exploring unconventional avenues, she then embarked on fascinating research that led her to encounter her inner world through paths such as meditation, active imagination and mind-body work, and to recognize the immense reservoir of inner resources that unfolds when body, mind, rational and irrational work together. Developing other professional interests during her journey to regain her health, Virginie became a practitioner of the Bodywork Liberation Method© in 2008, and then TRA, Helping Relationship Therapist® in 2018.

Her life is also transforming on a personal level by reconnecting her with her creativity and artistic impulses, and 2012 marks a major turning point following her meeting Shiloh Sophia McCloud, artist and founder of the Intentional Creativity movement, who gives her tools to express the images of her inner life. Working in acrylics with highly pigmented colors and a layering technique that favors transparency, she produces vivid and luminous works inspired by feminine images that have as their theme inner transformation and healing of the heart, an approach that she now transposes into creativity workshops with a vocation of self-knowledge and personal development.

Artistic approach

Virginie draws on her experience of meditation, visualization and intuitive writing to interact with her Muses as if they were oracles, listening through them to the language of her unconscious and allowing symbols, images and messages to emerge spontaneously as the work is constructed.

Beginning each work with an intention as a thread, she builds her creations layer by layer following her feelings, the abstraction of the fluid and spontaneous gesture gradually giving way to form and structure until the emergence of a Muse that is the expression of a part of the Self, both personal and universal, embodying the wisdom of the heart.

Through her colorful visuals and inspiring messages, Virginie wishes to convey images that evoke beauty, vitality and connection to what is most alive and sacred within.

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