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Véronique Riboud

Artist Painter -
Symbolic art

Address :

Clamart, France

Phone number :

+33 620452825


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Véronique Riboud was born in 1965 and lives in France, in Clamart, near Paris. A passionate and self-taught artist, Véronique has been drawing graphic motifs since childhood, influenced first by Viktor Vasarely, then by Egyptian decorations whose aesthetics transport her and which she reproduces in geometric structures.

As an adult, Véronique studied, got married and had children. For a few years, drawing no longer had a place in her busy life.

Around the age of 30, like a call, Véronique starts drawing again symbolic, meticulous, detailed figures. She took singing lessons and discovered meditation. She then "met" the Tibetan mandalas, and it was love at first sight. She made the link with the works she created spontaneously. Mandalas, "magic circles", are symbols of harmony and tools for meditation. Jung associates them with the search for the Self, as an expression and fulfillment of the mediation between polarities, the resolution of the imbalance between extremes.

The mandalas that Véronique draws express her relationship to freedom and spirituality. She develops complex patterns in interlocking structures that form a metaphor for life and a path of evolution: seeking balance and harmony between symmetry and dissymmetry, order and disorder, finding a path of fulfillment between constraints and freedom, and her place between microcosm and macrocosm, individual and universal being.

Until now, Véronique has not exhibited much of her work, except in her city, Clamart.

Artistic approach

The construction of a mandala represents a long term work. Inspiration emerges from the rich variety of arts from all over the world, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Italian renaissance, Persian carpets... Véronique takes photos during her travels, leafs through art books, lets the images float in her mind. A motif or an association of colors will "hit" her aesthetic, make her vibrate, run through her head. From there, an idea emerges, which will then be enriched as the work is completed. Classical music is also a great source of inspiration: many mandala sketches can be found on Véronique's musical scores!

It all starts with a freehand drawing, then reproduced on paper with a ruler and compass. If she is satisfied with the particular energy of the design, it will be reproduced on canvas, using acrylic. Véronique favors contrasts between richly colored backgrounds and the sharpness of white.

Like a musical work, the mandala must be coherent, the motifs responding to each other without overlapping. A mandala can be appreciated from near and far, from the meticulousness of the patterns and details to the overall vision. A mandala emits a particular vibration depending on the structure and color of the mandala: a square mandala does not emit the same vibration as a hexagonal mandala.

Véronique's mandalas offer a universal aesthetic that speaks to each of us. They are highly symbolic works both by the vibration of the number of their structure and by their colors. They modify and harmonize the energy of the room where they are exposed.

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